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Get in on the trend that is predicted to boom in the coming years. The medicinal mushroom market is expected to hit $50 billion in the coming years.

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  • An add-on to coffee
  • An add-on to hot water tea
  • An add-on to a smoothie
  • Added into a creative drink mix you have on your drinks menu or specials board.
  • Desserts

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The mushroom market is expected to exceed $50 billion in the next six years, reports Grand View Research. As consumers increasingly look to incorporate “functional foods” in their diets, the medicinal mushroom extract market is poised to grow 6.3%.   Food Navigator found that year-on-year sales for food products incorporating medicinal mushrooms have risen between 200-800%, depending on the variety. (Reported Feb 2018)   April 5, 2018
Mushroom Coffee Might Be The Next Biggest Trend In Superfoods – by Lauren Williamson
“Put down the bulletproof long black and step away from your turmeric latte – the latest trend in potable pick-me-ups is mushroom coffee. Yep, the health benefits of this divisive fungi are being harnessed in beverage form. If you’re imagining a savoury soup situation, think again. It’s more like a normal black coffee but with a “rich”, “mellow” and “earthy” taste. …Enhance your average caffeine hit, with the maitake mushroom product regulating blood sugar levels and the Chaga variety reducing the coffee’s natural acidity so it’s friendlier on your tum.  Chagas have been purported to support digestive health and combat bacteria and viruses. The benefits of mushrooms aren’t unfounded, with research proving that they are high in antioxidants, have anti-cancer properties, can lower blood glucose in patients with type 2 diabetes and may have the potential to help treat neurodegenerative diseases.”