So this is all new to you and you are wondering…where do I begin?

If this is your first time visiting this site or researching tonic herbs or superfood mushroom extracts in general, take a moment to read and research each product, see what resonates with you. You scan through this website and under each product and then through this ‘Tell Me More’ area.  Write down things that stand out, or any questions you may have, and for general questions, feel free to email us through the contact us page!  If you are attempting to treat a condition, are wondering about medicinal interactions, or need health advice, please consult a medical professional before proceeding with a purchase. Also, please note we are retailers of the herbs, not medical professionals.

And all of that said I started with Reishi first and it is one of the most researched herbs in the world and when there is someone who doesn’t know where to begin and nothing calls out stronger than another I often suggest to start here and this is a grand introduction to the world of superfood mushrooms and adaptogens and see how you go! Or start with one of the other ones and see how your body responds.

For me after experiencing Reishi the possibilities exploded open with anticipation of the next adaptogen herb I would try and what would this next one offer? So I progressed engaging them one by one tasting and experiencing them on their own. Until nowadays I generally make up a big drink with a great variety in a hot water tea at least once or a couple times a day. And I still have times where I just enjoy one herb on its own where I can really feel that one and deepen my connection to its beneficial properties and also take into consideration its ‘Doctrine of Signatures’*.

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* The Doctrine of Signatures is an ancient practice of using plants for their beneficial capacities through direct observation.

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