The subtle nuances and/or ‘feelings’ after taking Turkey Tail:
This mushroom can feel like protection and clearing from chaos and/or chronic congestion and general lack of energy or not feeling well. Soothing inflammation of all types and bringing a strengthening of our auric field, a force field from the density. 

Also felt to support calming the mind before sleep – relaxing, getting quality sleep and supporting a bright mood. 

When to drink?
Feel it for yourself, yet it has been found to be really enjoyable as an evening tea. It has a pleasant taste and can be very mentally relaxing prior to sleep.

The Amazing Turkey Tail Extract – Trametes versicolor
Turkey Tail is easy to identify in the wild and is one of the most prolific mushrooms in the world. They grow in clusters on decaying trees and it’s name is fitting for how it looks! Turkey Tail is a restorative mushroom which resembles a turkey’s tail. It’s restorative effects on human immunity are amazing.  Used in Chinese traditional medicine and revered as a secret “Panacea” among Native American cultures for centuries. In 2013 scientists have caught on and The National Institute Of Health was motivated to invest $5.4 million into Turkey Tale research.

A myriad of health benefits ranging from cancer fighting to prebiotic, from brain antioxidants to bone density enhancement. It is because of two unique polysaccharides called PSK and Polysaccharopeptide (PSP).

  • Strengthen overall vitality
  • Brain health and Antioxidation properties
  • Tone Lung & Liver
  • Mentally relaxing prior to sleep
  • Potent Adaptogenic Qualities
  • Support Gut Health