“Thank you so much for introducing me to this life changing product. I have noticed dramatic change in my energy levels…. bouncing out of bed in Winter, my immune system is feeling so strong and I am feeling so much sharper and clear in my mind. I truly can’t imagine not continuing this for the rest of my life as I feel fabulous. 🙌🙌💜Currently putting 1/2 tsp. of Five Star Elixir in hot water as a tea!”
Christine Prove  – July 2018

Christine Prove

Yoga Instructor, My Hearts Compass

“I have been taking, Golden Magnificence Herbal Extracts for a few weeks now. I have Multiple Sclerosis and struggled with my energy levels. Since taking Five Star Elixir my energy levels have increased and I feel I can get a lot more done in my day.” (Clare Bates, from Brisbane Australia, wrote August 23, 2017)

“Golden Magnificence – Synergistic Trio blend has helped me to wake up with the thought of immortality articulated in my daily Hermetic alchemical meditation, and thus clearly articulating the capacity of the human to become enlightened … Golden Magnificence enters my blood stream and thus oxygenates, and therefore creates the endurance required to perform weight lifting, cardiovascular, and anaerobic high-performance endurance exercise…..Golden Magnificence allows my spiritual body-mind to food fast while delivering high powered stamina and endurance to my energy platform… on a Saturday morning, 5 hours may pass… in a stream of high-performance cardiovascular exercise without eating… I love it and would highly recommend it to therefore aid in the necessary longevity required to transfiguration into an enlightened form…” (Whisht Parsifal, January 1st 2018)


“About half an hour after I have the lion’s mane extract, I feel this whole body, whole being, relaxation. It’s like melting, like falling into a meditative state of mind. My breath becomes slower and deeper and I can see and feel the bigger picture again. I become receptive again and can conduct the Light again through my whole form.
The days when I am physically out of balance; through hormonal madness, bad headache, having a cold, having to take some allopathic medicine, or just because I’m having a mad week in a crazy world, it is really hard to stay bright and happy. Gravity seems to become a greater force to deal with. I believe happiness is a choice, but you also need a nourished and healthy nervous system to be able to experience higher states of being. It’s the difference between traveling on a dirt road with potholes in an old car or on a highway in a Jaguar. I’m “in the Jaguar” at the moment and I’m feeling great!  2 x ¼ teaspoon a day is all I need. It has now been just 3 weeks since I started taking it and even the tremor in my hands I’ve had for years now, since my meltdown, is nearly gone! I believe that if your nervous system is shot, or drugged, you can’t conduct and reach those higher states of being. The mushroom extracts are the answer to my prayer for help, like the missing link in my health regimen. Lion’s Mane is helping immensely to stay ‘connected’ and happy and to not be dragged down by gravity. Exercise, organic food, green powders, chia seeds etc. are all vital, but I feel the mushroom extracts are dealing with my brain function: the computer and the software.”  (Phoenicia Altaire, July 2018) Phoenicia Altaire

“I was waking up every hour during the night with stress, within 3 days of having Reishi Mushroom Extract in my morning coffee I was sleeping for 6 hours and waking up refreshed and focused, Magnificent!” (Wendy Buie who owns Maid & Spade business which services the Gold Coast area. – September 2, 2017)  Link to Wendy’s service.


“Five Star Elixir Golden Magnificence mushroom tea has changed my life! I have been finding myself getting sick a lot and I have always had a general tiredness my entire life.  Although many products and naturopaths have claimed to be able to cure this, 5 Star mushroom tea is the first to do so.  I have a small production and retail business that I run on my own and there is much every day I need to focus my attention on, but it is only after taking this tea for 3 days that my focus and mind became sharp and I feel I finally have life force back.  I take the tea as a health tonic each evening as I tend to get a little tired about an hour after work and I get the most amazingly sound good sleep.  What a wonder this tea truly is, it’s brought a new lease of life to me and into my business.  I love 5star so much that I have asked to stock it in my shop so I can share this experience with others so they too can have a new lease on life and energy to do all that they enjoy.  I hope you will try it for yourself so you can benefit from it too!”
Sommer Jones – The Angel Within Boutique – #16, 3030 The Boulevard, Carrara, QLD