Sale of up to 65% off when including Excelsis Organic bath and hand towels below   

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Yet here is a briefing of the list of products here! Click on the underlined name in bold to go to more details about each product. See below for details on a bonus gift for purchases of $100 or more which includes free post!

This is an entire list of what we have available:

Single Herbal Extract:
Wild Siberian Chaga Mushroom Extract – 10% off – 50g bag usually $42 – Now $37.80   100g bag  $79
Maitake Mushroom Extract – 10% off new stock 

One combination Blend:
Five Star Elixir – 100 gram bag – 10% off – 100g bag usually $83 – Now $74.70 
(Mix of: Duanwood Reishi Mushroom Extract 20%, Siberian Chaga Mushroom Extract 20%, Cordyceps Mushroom Extract 20%, Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract 20% & Maitake Mushroom Extract 20%)

The Herbs: – 50% off!
Usually $42 for a 50g bag – Now $21 and a 100g bag is usually $79 – Now $39.50
Mucuna Pruriens Extract 
Nettle Root Extract

You can purchase through the website or get in touch with me via my email: for these prices. You can come pick up your product from Fingal Head, NSW 2487 or we can post for $8.50 unless order is $100 or more.

*If you purchase $100 worth of products you can receive one 10g bag of your choice of the following Mushroom or herbal extracts. Mention you have seen this and ask to find out what is still available! 
OPTIONS: (while supplies last) : Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract, Maitake Mushroom Extract, He Shou Wu Root Extract or Milk Thistle Extract. 

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The items you’ll find here are:

Excelsis Organic Cotton Hand Towels- 50% off
Excelsis Organic Cotton Hand Towels with washable storage markings – 65% off – Sale price $8.40

Excelsis Organic Cotton Bath Towels – 50% off – Sale price $32.50
Excelsis Bath Towels with washable storage markings – 65% off – Sale price $22.75

Excelsis Bath Robe – 15% off – Sale price $123.25

Excelsis Single Set of Bed Sheets – 15% off – Sale price – $155.55

Excelsis Double Set of Bed Sheets

Excelsis King Set of Bed Sheets – 15% off – Sale price – $234.60

***The reason for this sale is that this stock needs to find a home and be enjoyed. These items have been held in a good storage facility for a long while! and we haven’t properly promoted or sold these items for years and now we are making them available to the public via this website. Understand that at current day rates the cost to simply get embroidery done on say a hand towel will cost more that the price it is being sold for. So rest assured these are beautiful products with a beautiful current and quality that you can enjoy and relax in.

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