Golden Magnificence Mushroom Extract Teas

Rest assured these products are sourced to bring you a high quality medicinal mushroom extract and/or tonic herb
 and then given an energy imbuement of positive life-force energy to cleanse the previous handling processes
and to ignite each mushroom and herb to resonate in their highest and purest form to become an alchymeic elixir for radiant wellbeing! 
Discover their amazing adaptogenic qualities – supporting your ability to adapt and respond to stress.
Each mushroom and herb has a rich history in helping people. 

All herbs come ready to eat – you don’t have to forage into the forest or spend long hours brewing.
Simply mix the potent extract powder straight into your hot water, tea, coffee, smoothie or soup.


If you would like any of these teas please get in touch with me and I can post it out to you or if you are near Fingal Head, NSW 2487 you can pick them up. Postage is $8.50 unless you purchase over $100 worth of products.
Here is just a snippet description of the products available. All products are 50g for $42 and 100g for $79 unless noted.


Duanwood Reishi Mushroom Extract – (CLICK on name to go to more info.)   
Often felt as an immediate relief. A pleasant feeling and sense of well-being. If stressed or emotionally distraught there is a nurturing aspect. Calming to the heart. Once reserved for Royalty and considered to be a greater treasure than any jewel and called the Elixir of Immortality. (This version is 13:1 potency and there is a higher potency available as well, just ask.)
Wild Siberian Chaga Mushroom Extract –  
A feeling of strength and power. Calming & balancing the mood. “Chilling”. * Anti-Ageing *IMMUNE boosting/modulating (strengthening, balancing, supportive and regulating with powerful ADAPTOGENIC qualities. A precious elixir used by the imperialists as a “superior medicine” for promoting longevity and fighting incurable diseases.
Cordyceps Mushroom Extract – Available in the blend Synergistic Trio and Five Star Elixir – 
It has been called, “Rocket juice”  uncapping that extra energy to go the extra mile. and yet many people find it supports them to sleep. Enhance IMMUNE function. •Assist regulation of HEARTBEAT. *Increase ENERGY, VITALITY and ENDURANCE. *Considered a revered sexual tonic.
Lion’s Mane Mushroom Extract–
“Brain juice”! Soothing and calming to the nerves. Revered by Buddhist monks and consumed as tea to nourish and enhance brain power and heighten focus during meditation and study. Adaptogenic qualities for the Nervous System. Once reserved for royalty & claimed to give “nerves of steel & the memory of a lion.”
Maitake Mushroom Extract – 
Hundreds of years ago foragers in Japan were said to establish carefully guarded Maitake fields, called “treasure islands”. A true superfood with powerful medicinal properties. Researchers have also discovered that Maitake can reduce cholesterol and regulate blood sugar. Maitake plays a critical role in supporting immune system health. A hot-water extraction of maitake mushroom has been shown to exhibit anti-angiogenic activity through its antioxidant actions against free radicals (molecules that can lead to the oxidation cascade).  
Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract –  
It feels protective and clearing from chaos and/or chronic congestion and a general lack of energy or not feeling well. Soothing inflammation of all types. *Strengthen overall vitality * Brain health and antioxidation properties *Tone Lung & Liver. It’s restorative effects on human immunity are amazing.
He Shou Wu Root Extract –  
In addition to its powerfully rejuvenative physical effects, He Shou Wu benefits and stimulates our intuition and creative abilities as well, opening us to our deeper spiritual nature and awareness. Encapsulating the full essence of a “youth tonic”. *Blood builder high in zinc and iron. *Revered for increased fertility and sexual drive. *Amazing ADAPTOGENIC qualities. *Stabilise MOOD – support inner-calm and GROUNDED state of being.

Synergistic Trio 90g bag
 – An equal combo of Reishi, Chaga and Cordyceps. Price: $78 – A couple left
Five Star Elixir 100g bag – An equal combo of Reishi, Chaga, Cordyceps, Lion’s Mane and Maitake. Price $83

HERBAL EXTRACTS ON SALE – 50% off – Available in 50g for $21 (was $42) and 100g for $39.50 (was $79)
Rhodiola Rosea Extract – 
Known to bring clarity, courage and strength and feeling of calm in the storm. Rhodiola has a legendary history dating back thousands of years. Used to treat a range of conditions, including fatigue, depression, anxiety, impotence, and nervous system disorders. 
Mucuna Pruriens Extract – 
Mucuna is a euphoric mood boosting super foods with neuro and phytonutrients. Serotonin and dopamine is also obtained from Mucuna which can help regulate moods, sleep cycles and lower stress.
Nettle Root Extract –  
Considered an essential herbs for middle-aged men and women. It is significant for men with waning levels of free testosterone and supportive to prostate health and it is significant for women with increased levels of harmful estrogen metabolites. Studies have shown Nettle Root to aid in the functions of the endocrine system related to reproductive health.
Milk Thistle Extract – 
Milk Thistle is thought to be able to promote a healthy digestive function by promoting enzyme formation, increasing bile production, decreasing inflammation and soothing the mucous membranes throughout the body. *antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. *Used to decrease, or even reverse, damage to the liver.



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To your health and wellbeing!
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