X Excelsis Organic Cotton Bath Towel – with washable storage markings


These luxurious bath towels are on sale for 65% off due to markings that have appeared through sitting in storage. They can be washed out with oxygen whitener. If you would like one of these towels without markings see another tab.

100% Certified Organic Cotton Bath Towel (GOTS Certified)
87cm x 135cm (650 gsm)   $65 AUD  
Excelsis bath linen is made from soft, luxurious organic cotton towelling, naturally whitened in colour.
Each piece has beautifully detailed gold embroidery logos of
The Crimson Clover and Golden Fleece.
The quality of cotton is exquisite, super absorbent wash after wash – twill double-sided weave.

Feel the infinite current – an indescribable experiential moment


“The towels are delicious to behold as they touch one’s skin. To be wrapped in a towel when you’re wet and cold is to be held in a golden cocoon. One can scarcely imagine what blissful creature might emerge from such a cocoon.”
Care Instructions: Gentle cold wash with ‘Earth friendly products’ and like colours. Use natural oxygen whitener if needed, not bleach. Line dry if possible in an hour of sun.
Towel Packaging: Each towel comes packaged in a GOTS Certified Organic Cotton fitted bag that is compostable and reusable. Find a use and/or compost it!

If you’d like to know more about the Excelsis products click here.
View more details on the Bath Towels click here.

Additional information

Weight .825 g
Dimensions 36 × 14 × 13 cm
Dimensions of Towel

87cm x 135cm

Weight of Towel

650 gsm


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