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SOLD OUT – Five Star Elixir or Synergistic Trio have this Reishi within the combination of mushroom ingredients.

Premium Duanwood Reishi Mushroom Extract 13:1 – 30% Polysaccharides  and 2% Triterpene comes in one size: 100g for $79
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Duanwood Reishi Mushroom Extract (Ganoderma Lucidum) Duanwood Reishi Mushroom is one of the oldest therapeutically used mushrooms with a most impressive history of use, being called “Elixir of Immortality”. It is known as a powerful immune system ally, stress reducer, mood balancer and the anti-inflammatory tonic! And making its mark as one of the most powerful anti-aging substances available. This Reishi Extract is in a special class of herbs called adaptogens. Adaptogens are so important to our overall health – they positively affect the function of every cell in our body and build in efficacy over time. The more we take them the stronger our body becomes. Reishi being a superior adaptogen can help improve how we handle stress. It is also called “The Great Protector” because it is a premier immune modulator. It is said to build and strengthen our energetic force-field, our ‘Wei Qi’ field, also called our invisible auric field. Known as one of the most revered and legendary herbal substances in Asia. Considered a tonic herb consumed for the attainment of radiant health, longevity and spiritual bliss. The Taoists describe it as, “elixir of immortality”, increasing the “Shen” or spiritual energy in a person. With a history of over 3000 years of use and folklore, Reishi is one of the most scientifically researched herbs on the planet. Western scientists continue to conduct research that supports the large body of exciting anecdotal evidence that makes this mushroom one of the most intriguing discoveries in the West today. Some benefits of Duanwood Reishi Extract may include:

  • immune-strengthening
  • Stress-relief
  • Liver-protection and regeneration
  • Potent shen tonic
  • Improved circulation
  • Protection against radiation, free radials and other environmental stressors
  • Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-fatigue, and anti-stress

What is the difference with this Reishi Extract & why DUANWOOD? All Reishi are NOT Created Equal – Be sure to purchase quality If you are trying to get the cheapest Reishi product available, you may as well save yourself even more money and chew on some brown rice or wood chips. With all tonic herbs, it is most prevalent that quality reign above all other factors, but especially with Reishi for a few reasons. Being that Reishi is the most researched and popular tonic herb currently on the planet, we not only have been able to dilute it and create cheaper cultivation techniques, diminishing its full-spectrum benefits, but we now know what the best of the best is. You owe it to your body to give it pure, red Reishi, grown properly, matured, and concentrated. If Reishi is not extracted, you will be left with all of its food, and the protective shell we know as chitin. Chitin is indigestible, also the material a lobster shell is made of. Just as USDA organic ensures the safety of your grocery, Duanwood Reishi ensures the quality of your mushroom. Want to Know Why Duanwood? Over twenty years ago, Japanese Dr Yoshi discovered that Reishi Mushroom possessed cancer-healing properties. The Japanese government wasted no time in sending him to China in search of the finest, highest quality and most potent Reishi Mushroom. Through much research and lab tests, it was discovered that Duanwood Reishi prevailed as meeting the requirements Dr Yoshi had set. Duanwood Reishi specifies that it has been grown on specific types of hardwood indigenous to specific areas of China. It is the fruiting bodies of the Red Reishi Mushroom, while other varieties of Reishi include black, blue, white, yellow and purple. There are actually over two thousand different varieties of Reishi found in nature, while only a small number have been shown to have potent medical benefits. Duanwood Reishi has the highest concentration of powerful, plant-kingdom medicinal agents, called phytonutrients. It is common in the field of medicinal mushrooms to use the immature bodies of the mycelium, which is the stage of the mushroom between the spore and the mature adult body. In most cases, these mushrooms are cultivated in grain slurry, in a box, with a small growing period. It costs considerably less money to produce mycelium, and when you get the final product, it isn’t as potent and not as easy to digest/assimilate. When dealing with Duanwood Reishi, you are ensured the highest quality of mushroom, grown on hardwood in nutrient-rich soil, where the mushroom is able to obtain the essential phytonutrients it needs for its powerful health benefits. The government actually regulates Duanwood Reishi, as it is forbidden to use chemicals or pesticides in the growing process, so you can be assured that you are also getting a one hundred percent organic product. Serving Size: Start small, ¼ tsp., which is approx. 60 serves in a 50-gram bag. Often sipping on smaller amounts twice a day, rather than all at once. Increase amount and feel what is right for you; a little goes a long way. Directions: Ready to eat. Mix straight into hot water or combine with other Golden Magnificence Extracts, coffee, tea, smoothies… Ingredients: Pure Organic Duanwood Reishi Extract.Concentration 13:1. 30% Polysaccharides  and 2% Triterpene. No other ingredients/fillers. *This is NOT merely a ground up or powdered raw herb. This powder is a CONCENTRATED EXTRACT, this means that the active constituents are extracted from the herb and then concentrated to a 10 to 1 ratio. The ratio means that TEN pounds of the whole herb is concentrated down into one pound of extract. This means far more potency and efficacy in less space. This is a hot water extract. To briefly describe the process, the raw herbs are placed in hot water until the medicinal constituents are pulled out of the raw herb body (which all have parts we cannot digest) and then through a spray drying process, it is formed into a fine powder, which can be directly added into any food or beverage of choice. This process is beneficial for a few reasons:

  1. No need to prepare or heat- the powdered extracts are food and drink ready
  2. Since our herbs are extracts, they are a lot more easily digested and bioavailable
  3. We are able to achieve high concentrations of the herb by using a certain amount of pounds of the raw herb and condensing all the medicinal constituents into one pound.  This Reishi is a 10:1, example, which means 10 lbs of the raw herb creates 1 pound of our extract, making it 10x more potent than a single extraction concoction.

We strive to provide the highest quality products we can find on the market. We then ensure the quality with testing every single batch. We test for toxins, cross-contaminants, identity, and potency. Our products are grown organically, extracted purely, and packaged without the use of any fillers.  Product Origin: China *This product and claims made for this specific product have not been evaluated by the TGA and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Consult your physician if you are currently on medication, pregnant, lactating, sick or uncertain.

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