Here are some suggested ways to use/eat the mushroom & root extract powders:

These products are extract powders and they can be added directly to drinks. They all vary slightly in their taste obviously, some may taste like a mushroom, some slightly bitter, so its great in both sweet and savoury preparations. They are already prepared and ready to consume as is, no heat or stewing necessary. Powdered extracts generally mix more easily in warmer temperatures, but a blender can be used to help incorporate the powder into cooler foods and beverages or simply to ensure a more thorough distribution.

Here are some options:

  • I like to have mine in a hot water tea without anything else. You could add local honey or a dash of coconut, almond  milk.
  • You can put an amount in your mouth and swish… drink some water if you need to. (There was a man who did building work everyday and he loved his Chaga Extract first thing in the morning. He would just take a spoonful straight out of the packet and put it into his mouth.)
  • Add it to a herbal tea like dandelion tea…
  • Straight into your coffee – Although I don’t like to encourage the caffeine addiction, people say that they can’t taste the difference with their coffee. It could also be a good way to wean yourself off of coffee.
  • Smoothie or shake.
  • Soup or other stir fry style meal.
  • Add to ice cream or yogurt or make chocolates/carob or raw balls with them.
  • Many creative possibilities.

*If you are a coffee drinker here is one good reason to add Reishi extract to your coffee
Reishi is known to ease tension, calm the heart and elevate the spirit. This cardiotonic action is precisely why it is added to coffee to regulate the effects of the caffeine. Reishi is known to ease tension, and promote peace of mind by transforming negative energy in the body in the same way that the mushroom transforms decayed material in the tree into life-giving nourishment. The mycelium provides compounds and metabolites that function to promote longevity, immunity, and health.

When is the best time to use a particular herbal extract?

This is really something you need to experiment with, everyone is different. Try in the morning then in the afternoon and then in the night… then try smaller amounts twice a day. Yet really if you need convenience, take it with a drink you have already been taking daily. It is said that smaller amounts twice a day can be very effective, yet not necessary. Having it on an empty stomach can possibly be more noticeable, but either way, they are just as effective in their bio-availability. It is for you to experiment.

Some people wonder if these herbs will keep them awake…
Take into consideration that most of these herbs are adaptogens and adaptogens respond to you and what is required. Yet again there is a uniqueness to each of us. I have known of some people on their first times drinking Reishi they got really relaxed and felt like they needed to rest and this was during the day. I would take this as someone being too stressed out. There are no additives like caffeine but the energy stimulating of certain herbs like Rhodiola and Schisandra could cause some people to stay awake.

I like making my favourite Five-Star-Elixir plus as a hot water tea in my special take away mug on my way out the door in the morning. I sip it in the car. I find it so comforting and supporting.

Here is an ongoing list of suggestions. Also, see Testimonials & The Feelings & Subtle Nuances

  • There is a student who loves combining Cordyceps extract with Reishi before studying for exams. She feels that the Cordyceps activates her mind, boosts her memory and gives her the mental stamina to keep going while the Reishi reduces her stress and helps her calm down.

See what you prefer and please share with us any bright ideas!