The subtle nuances and/or ‘feelings’ after taking He Shou Wu:
One man said it was his secret stash of rocket juice. 

“Psycho-Spiritual Effects: Intuition Enhancing Properties

In the Traditional Chinese Medicine system, He Shou Wu is also classified as a Shen and Yin tonic. Shen translates to “spirit” and anything with Yin properties, which correlates to the feminine element/energy, promotes receptivity. Therefore, we have a herb that opens us to be “receptive to spirit,” and those that consume this for any length of time are likely to feel this.  In addition to its powerfully rejuvenative physical effects, He Shou Wu benefits and stimulates our intuitive abilities as well, opening us to our deeper spiritual nature and awareness. Users often notice a distinct increase in creativity, inspiration, and intuitive guidance, making it an important herb for artists, meditators, or anyone ready to expand their awareness of reality in profound ways.” Justine Faerman Quote from Conscious Lifestyle Magazine where he wrote about the Herb of intuition and Longevity: The Miraculous Health Benefits of He Shou Wu (Fo-Ti)

What time of day is best to have this tea?
Some say a cup between 5-7pm when the kidney meridian is most active offers a nourishing, supportive drink as we begin to wind down after the day.


Claim to Fame:

The defining factor that He Shou Wu possesses is its ability to maintain natural hair color and even reverse gray hair!  This is one of the most popular uses of He Shou Wu, as one study in China showed 89% of the participants to have a portion of their gray hair return to natural color, and of that, 65% were fully recovered.  It is important to keep in mind that this study was administered under daily consumption of the herb for several months.

According to Dr. Subhuti Dharmananda, director of the Traditional Medicine Institute of Portland,

“Healthy hair depends on the sufficiency of blood stored in the liver. When the liver blood is deficient, it is unable to rise and nourish the head; the hair then turns gray or falls out. The health of the kidneys is expressed in the hair of the head, and graying or loss of hair is a sign of kidney deficiency. The teeth depend on the sufficiency of bone matter, which is governed by the kidneys. The kidneys also generate marrow, which is thought to keep the teeth in place; if the kidneys are deficient, the teeth will become loose and easily fall out.” Brandon Gilbert



He Shou Wu Root Extract – Fo-Ti
(Polygonum Multiorum)

Regarded as a precious tonic for over 1,000 years.
Encapsulating the full essence of a “youth tonic”.

  • Blood builder high in zinc and iron.
  • Used to calm the nervous system and tonify kidney and liver function.
  • Revered for increased fertility and sexual drive.
  • Amazing ADAPTOGENIC qualities.
  • Cumulative benefit with continuous use.
  • Stabilise MOOD – support inner-calm and GROUNDED state of being.
  • Slow &/or reverse greying HAIR by supporting KIDNEYS & LIVER.
  • Potent ANTIOXIDANT – Stimulate SOD -superoxide dismutase in the body’s cells.
  • Revered sexual tonic – Revitalize SEX DRIVE.

The legend begins with a 58 year old man – frail, impotent and unmarried…
after finding He Shou Wu he became strong, youthful and fathered 19 children, living to 160 years of age.

He Shou Wu is considered to be an adaptogen – a herb that works with our body to create balance and harmony. It can be both energising while supporting an inner-calm and grounded state of being.
It is not a ‘mimetic’ herb which replaces or enhances a certain function.  He Shou Wu’s action is cumulative through continuous usage.

He Shou Wu encapsulates the full essence of a ‘youth tonic’ due to an obituary in a 1933 Time magazine, where famous Taoist Li Ching Yuen was purported to have lived to be 256 years old, and it has been claimed he sipped a life elixir of He Shou Wu everyday.

Larger doses of He Shou Wu can sometimes cause loose stools (although quite rare); if you begin to experience this effect, simply back off to a lower dose and heed your body’s feedback signals.