Our Story… 

Golden Magnificence, medicinal mushrooms,Golden Magnificence Herbal Extracts emerged out of a search for an Elixir of Life, a panacea that would greatly assist the body and possibly even regenerate, balance and restore vitality and youthfulness.

In 2012 I was looking for something that would help support the body from the ever-growing daily stresses and toxicity. The products on this website hold what I found and drink to this day. The discovery began with Reishi Mushroom Extract, which is possibly the most studied superfood mushroom herb in the world. I received such benefits that I began to share and encourage others to try it as well. The initial feedback was strikingly good and so this sparked more trials and experimentation. Sometimes experiencing each of these herbs on their own first is useful – to feel and receive their unique energetic spirit, presence and gift and then combine them. It is said that blends of several mushroom species can be more effective and more powerful than any one mushroom alone. When combining the superfood/medicinal mushrooms there is a synergy that takes place, with each mushroom bringing unique attributes to the whole. As noted through Mercola’s website: “Blends of Mushrooms are More Effective Than any One Mushroom Alone”:

“It is therapeutically best to utilize a blend of several mushroom species, because “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” For one thing, it is easier for pathogens in your body to adapt and become resistant to one mushroom than to several. Secondly, each mushroom species has a unique arsenal of anti-infective and immunomodulating agents. These special agents include: Polysaccharides, Glycoproteins, Ergosterols (steroid-like compounds that create vitamin D in sunlight) & Triterpenoids.”

So after years of experiencing and experimenting, in August 2017 I began marketing them to a wider community. Here in Australia we are still in the educational faze with these adaptogenic herbs and mushrooms, although many of them have been utilised and treasured for thousands of years. Today they are now becoming more accessible and here they are on offer. If this is your first encounter I encourage you to experience these amazing herbs.

Clover Hart (Founder and Creative Director)


Taking an energetic look at Superfood Mushrooms
Many of these wild Superfood Mushrooms are found in forests and here is an analogy that can be considered: Energetically you could look at these Mushrooms and their activity of removing dead decaying matter from the forest floors, so to when consumed it does the same for our energy fields of our multi-dimensional form. Converting our metabolic and psychic wastes by transforming stagnant, negative or festering energy, offering the opportunity to raise the spirit and free the being toward more spiritual pursuits.